Bits & Bytes GSD Pedigree Research

German Shepherd dog lovers.

Have you always wanted to know more about the dogs
in your European line GSD's background?
Would you like the Schutzhund titles that the AKC does not provide,
something nicer than what USA sends to you,
more detail than even the SV provides?

I have German line information obtained from the East and West German
Zuchtbücher and Körbücher (breed books and breed survey books)
as well as books from Austria, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland
and WinSIS-X "German-Shepherd-Information-System".

Now you can get exactly the information that you are looking for.
Each part is available individually or in a package.

Order only what you need.

Individual dogs - includes registration number, date of birth, titles, hip status, color, tattoo number, linebreeding, sire and dam, breeder and the breed survey (in German or English).

Pedigree (5 or 10 generations) - name, registration number, date of birth, titles, and hip status for the first 3 generations, name, titles, hip status in the fourth generation, name only in the 5th generation.

Events for this dog - includes all major trial and show events

Event listing of all dogs in the 5 generation pedigree that have placed in German National/Regional events, North American National events and some other countries like Belgium, Denmark, France, Holland, Italy, Spain and West Germany national events and their placings.

Zuchtwert (ZW) of all dogs in the 5 generation pedigree

Hip rating (HD) of all dogs in the 5 generation pedigree

Progeny hip statistics from the SV Genetics table for this dog. This is not included in the complete package but can be added for a small additional cost.

Bloodline tracing through the males and also through the females in the line back to the foundation dogs.

Complete Package - Contains all of the above sent in a 1/2 inch hard backed 3-ring binder; this includes the pedigree, individual pages for each dog in the first 3 generations of the pedigree (including pictures if available and the breed survey in German), Individual pages of dogs in the fourth generation for whom I have pictures, a list of the placings of all dogs in the pedigree who participated in German National/Regional Events or USA National Events plus many other countries results, a list of the Zuchtwert (ZW) for all dogs in the pedigree, a list of all the Hip ratings (HD) for all dogs in the pedigree, and a male and female bloodline tracing. For a small amount more, you can purchase the breed surveys in English and you can also purchase individual pages of 5th generation dogs for whom I have pictures.

Bonus - Receive a FREE puppy pedigree when you order a complete package for both the sire and dam.

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